Need a Mobile Website for your business?
The mobile web revolution has arrived with mind boggling speed and reach globally. As consumers in Ireland become more aware that they can easily use the internet on their phone, we are witnessing an explosion of new Smartphones and other mobile devices. The Irish mobile market in particular is set to explode into the future thanks to a range of cheaper Smartphones with flexible contracts and lower tariffs.

At we can create and design a professional mobile website for your business, but first you might ask: Why do I need a custom mobile website design? I already have a website?!

Have you tried to browse your existing website on a Smartphone recently? Did you find it easy to use? Were you happy how it looked?

Right now, consumers in Ireland and around the world are using mobile web browsers to view your existing website with mixed results because your website may have been originally designed to be viewed on a laptop or home computer, it may not have been designed to be viewed on a mobile Smartphone.

What matters most is good user experience, and good mobile web page design considers your customer experience first.

Mobile Smartphones represent a challenge in mobile web design for a few reasons, most obvious are the common issues such as smaller screen size and the lack of a keyboard or mouse to navigate and interact with your website.

On a technical level, mobile web page design must also consider the many different mobile devices, Smartphones, mobile browsers and mobile operating systems. Everyone is familiar with the iPhone but now there are many other Smartphones and devices in the Irish market such as Google Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, HTC, iPad, to mention a few.

Ok, I need a mobile website but what do mobile users want?
Most importantly, Mobile Smartphone users are on the move, they are not sitting comfortably in a chair at a desk (with a mouse and keyboard); they want quality information and simple functionality delivered quickly, they are not interested cluttered pages full of text (waffle), fancy design, tricky navigation or complex forms. In the end, if your website is difficult to use mobile Smartphone users will simply abandon it in frustration.

We can create and design a mobile website for your business that works!

Good mobile website design focuses on displaying only concise text information and has lots of relevant images, along with simple functionality that has been designed with ONLY mobile web users in mind.
If you still think that it’s ok to lose a few mobile website visitors, think again!

You may well be missing out to your competitors who have embraced the mobile web and designed a portion of their website to function well on Smartphones. If you still have any doubts take a look at your own website visitor statistics, here you will be able to see just how many of your visitors are already using mobile devices or Smartphones to browser your website.

If those mobile users are not converting well into sales you may have a problem that you cannot afford to ignore into the future.

Contact us if you have any questions on mobile website design or mobile application development.

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