Victor Leonard OSD Digital Agency

Victor Leonard

Technical Director

Victor has over 23 years experience in Internet development specialising in the analysis, design and development of client applications for the Internet or Intranet with a web based, user friendly front-end, that can be connected to more powerful informational back-end systems.

Victor MIAP – is a Member of the Institute of Analysts and Programmers and embraces the internet as part of life for its freedom, interconnectivity and mobility of both information and systems and constantly strives for a better user experience, integrating systems and mobile technology.

Previous projects include developing a fully functional online application for a US firm specialising in Internet communications solutions for the medical industry, also researching electronic commerce projects including shopping carts, commerce servers, card authorisation networks, third party system integrations etc.

Before joining OSD, Victor worked for LAKE Communications on Integrated Voice & Data Solutions (developing and programming embedded systems for PABXs and Routers) for SME’s.