Wild West Irish Tours provide small group tours with special access to Nature, landscape, culture and heritage of the glorious Wild West of Ireland.

– Go to places only the locals know
– Go to the best music sessions, pubs, Ceili dances and community events
– Stay in comfortable cottages with the most gorgeous surroundings in hidden Ireland

Project Details

  • WordPress CMS (Content Management System)
  • Custom Development
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Multimedia
  • Training
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Web Development

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Website: www.wildwestirishtours.com
Designer: OSD Digital Agency
Client: Wild West Irish Tours

Customer Testimonial

Our tour company is based in the USA but we spend much of the year in Ireland. We want our new website to reflect the authenticity of the types of tours we provide. We could have chosen a web design company anywhere, but we asked OmniScience Design to do the work for us because they have years of experience and yet they are refreshingly enthusiastic, creative and energetic, as if they just began their own enterprise. OSD built our website from the ground and did an amazing job of it, especially when you consider we were 3000 miles apart when it was being built. OSD used various technologies, including Skype, to communicate with us daily, if not hourly, as we worked as a team to create www.wildwestirishtours.com. Marie Harkin worked tirelessly (Ireland is 5 hours ahead of us) making sure we were satisfied with every word, photo, button, application and device on the site. The OSD team were very patient and we benefited from their years of experience as they gently guided us toward a wonderful finished product. We are extremely happy with the work of OSD and we have a close working relationship with them as we move along updating and fine tuning the site.

There are many website designers here in the Unites States we could have used who might have less for us, but we wanted authenticity, a crisp modern website and most importantly for us, excellent customer care. OmniScience Design came through with flying colours and proved our faith in them was well placed.