OSD redesigned & developed a fully responsive website and a custom bus ticketing eCommerce solution for Irish Concert Travel for bus journeys to festivals & events in Ireland.

The front-end WordPress website makes it easy for visitors to view concerts and book their bus tickets to the event online, using Stripe as the payment gateway. Visitors can select from multiple venues / events, select a date if there is more than one concert date. They can then select their first pickup point from a number of routes from Donegal, Mayo or Galway, and select the number of passengers.

Irish Concert Travel, booking dropdown

They can add in the details for any other passengers that will be with them on that particular route. And see the cost for their bus tickets from their pickup point, as well as costs for other pickup points along the route.

If they have other friends who would like to be picked up along the way, they can add more pick up points to the booking.

Irish Concert Travel, drivers front end booking form


The Custom Ticket Booking System

The ticket booking solution is seamlessly integrated into the WordPress front-end, with separate access to the ticketing system for greater security and management.

The custom ticketing eCommerce system acts as an online CRM that allows for multiple levels of administration to manage buses, drivers, journeys, and passenger payments. Admin level has their own access and can manage ticket payments, journeys, pickup points and add/assign drivers to certain buses and routes.

Irish Concert Travel, booking login dashboard

The drivers can also log in to view details of their bus journeys.

Irish Concert Travel, drivers login view

We provided training to Irish Concert Travel for managing the WordPress website and Booking System, and are providing ongoing technical support.


OSD have really enjoyed working with Shane from Irish Concert Travel, on this unique solution.


To find out more please visit their website here: https://www.irishconcerttravel.ie

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