Coleman Traditional Irish Music & Visitor Centre have a long and proud tradition of ensuring that the tradition of Irish music remains alive and that it continues to be enjoyed by all ages and nationalities.

OSD created a new mobile responsive eCommerce website with information on their visitor centre in Gurteen, facilities, Music Schoolinformation on Michael Coleman the fiddle player, and much more.

They were looking for a visually appealing design to highlight the Visitor Centre, Music Lessons, Music Shop etc. and to prompt visitors to buy online. The website has SSL security that provides peace of mind when buying online via the website.

Custom Point of Sale (POS) Ecommerce Integration Solution

The POS system allowed for integration via an API to query products, stock, prices etc. directly from the in house POS. OSD developed a custom module and process to sync the WordPress WooCommerce product catalogue from the POS products (stock, price, images, description etc) and to push any orders made online back to the POS on a regular schedule.

The module calls the POS on a regular schedule to sync both products, stock, orders. It also allows the client to initiate a customer refund from the website back to the POS, syncing the full order flow and for products to be removed from the website via the POS to synchronise stock levels.

Special consideration was also given to real-life circumstances such as broadband connectivity issues on the client premises where the online system will check regularly for an active connection and if not found, inform of this communication drop and buffer the product sync in WooCommerce with some time to allow broadband to come back online before it deems to have gone too far out of sync.

The online shop offers are great range of products for sale online now including:

Why not check out their new website here:

Project details:

  • Responsive Website Design
  • WordPress CMS (Content Management System)
  • Custom Website Development
  • Online eCommerce Shop
  • Custom Point of Sale Integration to Website
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Search Engine Registration
  • Training

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