Malin Waters

Malin Waters Social Advert  1

Project Description

MalinWaters approached us to develop an online marketing campaign to be used on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) The aim was to create graphics that linked into the 3 separate regions covered by MalinWaters (NW Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland) and promote each regions coastal and water based activities, whilst keeping the consistency and style of the MalinWaters brand.

Sligo Chamber

Invest Sligo Close Up

Project Description

Sligo Chamber of Commerce wanted a brochure that promoted Sligo as a destination to do business. The brochure was aimed at large multinationals in the UK. It was designed both as a printed brochure and to viewed online in a digital format

Sliabh Liag

Sliabh Liag Brand Guidelines Cover closeup

Project Description

Donegal County Council wanted to develop a brand for the Sliabh Liag Cliffs. The brand aspiration was to promote the Cliffs as a destination for Walkers and Hikers both nationally and worldwide. The brand identity has been carefully created to clearly communicate the Sliabh Liag experience. The brand is composed of a simplified yet iconic view of the Sliabh Liag cliffs and typography which is identifiable, clear and easy to read.

Cairde Arts Festival

Cairde Sligo Arts Festival cover closeup

Project Description

The Cairde Sligo Arts Festival is a family friendly arts festival which takes place in Sligo every July. The brief was to develop an event brochure both print and digital, alongside other promotional material such as flyers, posters, banners, way finding signage, newspaper ads and social media graphics. We worked with illustrator Steve Simpson on producing a the program cover which was then used as the basis for the visuals for all other promotional artwork for the festival.

Other Examples of Graphic Design Projects


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