Now that you have your website running, perhaps you would like to progress to an eCommerce site?

This opportunity will open your company up to previously untapped markets both domestic and international.

At OSD we can put together a tailored eCommerce solution for you with a focus on B2B (Business to business) or B2C (Business to consumer) depending on your trading needs. This can be a complete custom system or an off the shelf package with starting functionality.

After reviewing your requirements we choose the most suitable and cost effective platform for your needs based on our wide range of eCommerce platforms to further customise design and functionality.

Examples of eCommerce Platforms:

  • WordPress (inc WooCommerce)
  • OpenCart
  • Custom / Bespoke system


Integration with Stock Control systems

OSD can also look to integrate or provide information on potential integration of your back office / stock control system to your online eCommerce solution.

For example integration of Pegasus Opera (in-house) and OpenCart (online) for synchronisation of products, stock, pricing and orders partnering with Viatec Solutions.



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