MX Backup

Do you have an in-house server / custom mail setup / connected directly to the internet?
If Yes, are you covered if your internet connection goes down and email stops being delivered?

If No, then OSDs mail backup service can help keep email delivery working where OSDs MX Backup service acts as a second priority mail server.

If your mail server cannot be reached, the mail will be routed to our mail backup server and wait in queues. Our server will keep checking your mail server every 20 minutes. Once your mail server is detected available, our mail server will forward the emails to your mail server. Our mail server will keep attempting to deliver mail to your server for 5 days. Mails queued in our mail server exceeding 5 days will be returned to the sender.

Multiple backup servers are available to receive your emails. Maximum email message size up to 20 MB. No limit on number of queued messages and storage space for your domain. Store your emails for 30 days and can be extended if asked to do so.

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