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Anti Virus / Anti SPAM Filtering

OSD managed hosting includes free / complimentary email filtering by the SpamAssassin service and where clients need greater control over spam (such as quarantine access, release non spam, whitelist, blacklist and more) OSD can setup a dedicated spam service for your domain name and integrate it into your existing email flow. This service also includes by default an MX Backup Service.


  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Domain Aliases (where mail on domains are identical)


Spam, virus and malware filtering

  • Over 13 million filter rules (and counting)
  • 100+ million senders reputation tracking system
  • Virus and malware filtering
  • Domain-wide filtering policies
  • Custom domain-level filter rules


Fail-safe design

  • Email Archiving (30 days)
  • Mail Bagging (5 days)
  • Distributed cloud-based setup (spanning multiple datacenters)
  • Destination fail-over MX support included
  • Remote monitoring systems


Quarantine Plus message research tool

  • Schedule hourly, daily or weekly reports
  • View and recover quarantined mail (30 days)
  • View and re-deliver clean mail (30 days)
  • View message delivery status
  • View raw mail logs


Advanced Features & Intuitive Control Panel

  • Dashboard with statistics and message totals
  • Valid email address list
  • Approved senders list (whitelisting)
  • Blocked senders list (blacklisting)
  • Active Directory / LDAP Sync
  • Domain Alias setup
  • Custom Email Address Forwarding
  • Catch-all address


Filter cost per domain per year: €140 ex vat

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