3rd Party Integration

Email is an integral part of any business in today’s Digital world.

OSD’s complimentary email solution is provided as default in OSD managed hosting. Although this service will help get your online presence started, integrating a more comprehensive enterprise solution may suit better as your business progresses and grows.

If you add to our complimentary email solution or need additional features (multi-device / multi-user access, collaboration of documents, calendar integration, dedicated spam/av filtering, etc) OSD can assist in extending your email ability, setting-up and integrating with 3rd party email solutions with your existing email setup.

The popular enterprise email solutions which we have assisted in integrating are Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace / Apps for Business. Both of these solutions offer great email and office solutions that are scalable and easy to set up on multiple devices such as mobiles and tablets. Both of these solutions also offer great office solutions which makes the sharing and collaboration of documents easy.

OSD Digital Agency can help to integrate Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace / Apps for Business with your existing domain and email setup.



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