You might have heard that WordPress released a new version of their CMS (Content Management System), in the last couple of weeks. This latest release brings WordPress to version 4.6, and is named “Pepper” after jazz baritone saxophone & clarinet player Pepper Adams.

The latest updates add a few needed features & functions, as well as other updates to make WordPress even more user-friendly.

Some of these updates include:

  • Streamlined Updates – makes managing plugins and theme updates faster as you stay on the same page while installing, updating, etc.
  • Native System Fonts – older versions use the Open Sans Google Font to display text on your WordPress Dashboard, whereas now it uses fonts on your computer, which makes it faster to load.
  • Content Recovery – this improved recovery mode automatically saves content every 15 seconds to your browser, as you type it, and when you hit save it saves the latest version from your browser.
  • Editor Link Checker – checks links/URLs as you add them and lets you know if they are incorrect, by showing them in red.
  • Internationalisation and localisation improvements – for dealing with multiple languages, etc.

Find out more about this on the WordPress website –

Over the past couple of years it’s become much more important to update your WordPress CMS and plugins regularly for security, speed and functionality reasons. We at OSD have Maintenance & Support Packages available to get your website up to date. You can contact us via or call us in Sligo +353 71 91 70024 or Dublin +353 1 539 4488 to find out more.