Your digital reputation represents your online image. Although digital marketing can help you build your online reputation, it can also be a threat if you’re doing it wrong. Read this post if you want to more about how to build a strong digital reputation.


First of all, you must be aware of everything that is on the web about your business. If you haven’t setup your Google My Business account yet, do it before someone else claims your business before you. Google My Business will allow you to be listed on search engines and displayed on Google Maps with all your key information (Address, Phone, Opening hours…). This free tool will also allow you to get reviews from your customers on Google.

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Digital Reputation Tips

Then, if you own a Tourism or Service-related Business, having a Trip Advisor account is hugely strategic. You can create a page to allow your customers to review your business. Of course, you will have to take care of the satisfaction/dissatisfaction of your clients. Positive reviews will be useful to promote your services on external channels (website, Facebook page for example). Don’t be discouraged by negative reviews. If a customer isn’t happy with your services, answer them rapidly and politely. Demonstrate to the client you understand their concerns. This will show your ability to deal with problems and remind customers of your dedication to service. Don’t ignore these bad reviews, it won’t improve your image.


Digital Reputation TipsDigital reputation also applies to Social Media. Nowadays anyone can share anything about your business on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… Always monitor posts you’re associated with, an inappropriate photo could ruin your online reputation. Plus, Social Media is a way people can express their feelings. Try to answer them rapidly whether they’re expressing a good or a bad impression about your business. We recommend that you create a Social Media Policy document for your staff to explain clear guidelines on how to deal with customer complaints.



Digital Reputation Tips

In summary, digital reputation is about perception and visibility online. Having good reviews on Tripadvisor or Google results in higher click through rates to your business. Respond to customer reviews and comments on social media as soon as possible to make a good impression. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews, everybody gets them at some point, it’s how you respond that matters – no response can be perceived by others as not really caring, or having something to hide.




Digital reputation is all about monitoring, answering and socialising !