The benefits of your website having an SSL Certificate

What is an SSL Certificate

A Secure Certificate, also known as SSL or Secure Sockets Layer encrypts any information you enter on a website between your browser and website server from your name to your credit card details through a form, shop, etc.

What we mostly know of SSL Certificates is when we use credit card transactions for payments online. That little padlock icon gives a sense of security while we make our purchase, by keeping information safe from your browser all the way to the server.

When the SSL Certificate is installed on a website, this padlock is initiated as well as the application protocol which changes the HTTP to HTTPS, the ‘s’ standing for secure.

Reasons to have a Secure Certificate

OSD would suggest that your company should have an SSL Certificate on your website, to give a sense of security to your site visitors, especially if your business is:

The SSL Certificate installation indicated by HTTPS in the browser
The security of HTTPs is reassuring for client and service provider


Why SSL Certificate is important

Your company should have an SSL Certificate installed on to its web server to activate secure sessions with web browsers. When a secure session is set up, web traffic between the server and browser will be reassuringly secure.

It’s important to have an SSL cert for your business but also for your customers, if an attack were to occur not only would your business website suffer the attack but there would be consequences for your customer. Trust me, that is not something that you want. People can be careless in not updating passwords, performing regular backups and clicking on scam emails. When it comes to your business website, you have to get security right.

Recently OSD has received communication from some of our clients, who themselves have been contacted by Google. The email from Google notifies them of Google Chrome displaying a “NOT SECURE” warning as and from October 2017. The warning also serves as advice, suggesting to migrate the webpage from HTTP to HTTPS.

More and more clients of OSD Digital Agency are asking for SSL Certificates for peace of mind for their website visitors. Please call our office if you wish for your website to have a much needed SSL Cert, OSD would strongly advise using SSL going forward.