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Managing projects remotely are not for everyone, and certainly face to face meetings are still a huge part of project and business development. However, sometimes it just isn’t possible to be everywhere.

Here are some of the really useful remote project management and communication tools we use at OSD Digital.

Hipchat –  ( Communicating Remotely)

An awesome team chat platform allowing for communication and collaboration including a searchable content. Including the giving some great add bonuses with the ability for  video calling, screen sharing as well as having g a strong security structure.

Runs across multiple platforms with apps available on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux including a Web App.


Hackpad –  ( Collaborating on the move)

Really great tool for collaborating content much lighter than Google docs and also allows for multiple users interactions and real-time functionality. With some simple to setup privacy and sharing structures.

Though the content lives in the cloud and is accessible everywhere does allow for offline content usage. Hackpad is available by mobile, desktop and tablet.


Trello – ( Project Managment Tool)

Trello is a really simple PM tool with some great real-time features. The ability to structure cards between lists to show progress and assign is extremely simple and user-friendly. You can add people as you need to the project and allow them to view the card information. What I find useful about Trello is I can login and view the project key actions instantly as well as getting real-time alerts on progression.

Above are just some of the tools I find useful while on the move would love some feedback on other tools you may be using with your business at present.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter.


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