google-plusGoogle+ was launched in June 2011, this is a new social network.

In just 6 months, the platform has over 90 million users and continuing to grow.

From November 2011 Google+ allow businesses to create pages and develop relationships with people on many different levels.

So How do you set up a page ?

  1. Choose an Accessible Gmail/Google Account
  2. Create a Page
    Visit create a Google+ Page, get started!!!!
  3. Customise Your Public Profile
  4. Optimise Further – Regularly share
    fresh content, react and respond to your fans,
    be engaging, and optimize for lead generation.
    Then measure, adapt your strategy, and
    optimize your presence based on your own individual results and goals.
  5. Promote Your Page – on your web site and on your other social media platforms
  6. Add Pictures, Links etc.
  7. Analyse Traffic coming form what works best and build on that

There is alot more to Google Plus Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and Huddles.
As with all new tools start by listening and watching  what other businesses in your area are doing and interacting or to use the buzz word Engaging with.

Enjoy the new platform !!

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