Meltdown and Spectre Attack Bugs

You may already be aware but there is a recently discovered a vulnerability related to all Intel-based systems running world-wide called Meltdown and Spectre.

Essentially, there’s a security flaw in modern processors that could affect practically every Intel computer released in the last two decades, as well as the AMD and Arm chips in your laptops, tablets and phones, too.


Who is affected?

Pretty much everybody.

Can this be fixed?

Only partially, and it may take a while.

More details here….

Generally Windows 10 will automatically download necessary security updates and apply. Windows 7 & 8 may have to wait until next Windows Update

Android Phones
Google will be updating Jan 5th and if you have a Google branded phone the phone will automatically download the update.
For other Android phones, updates and patches can dependent on manufacturer and mobile provider.

Google Chrome Web Browser
New version 64 scheduled for later this month (possibly Jan 23rd) should include mitigation to protect from explotations.

Firefox Web Browser
Firefox users should update to Firefox 57.

Apple has also reportedly patched the vulnerability in MacOS 10.13.2.


OSD is working with hosting and server providers who are testing updates to the hosting infrastructure before rolling out to all.

We would advise that you check with your IT provider on updating any devices needed.


Victor Leonard

Technical Director at OSD Digital Agency