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Well summer is finally here (queue the Sunshine!!) and it’s a busy time here in OSD HQ. After lots of hard work we’re delighted to announce the launch of the new Elephant Smart Business website

What is Elephant Smart and what does it do?
Elephant Smart Business is a totally new, first of its kind, paperless staff management system. It effortlessly manages your Staff Schedules & Time-Keeping, Leave/Absence Recording, NERA Legislation, Fire Records, Budgeting, Reporting, Compliance and lots more – 24 hours a day. It’s a big feature list but extremely easy to use. If you can use e-mail, you can use Elephant Smart Business.

Adding it all up, our system saves employers approx. €980 per full time staff member, per year.

The 3 Best Features At a Glance


SMS & E-mail Notifications

Customers love Elephant Smart Business SMS / E-mail feature.Elephant Smart Business When Staff are late, leave early or take too long on a break, Elephant Smart Business automatically texts or e-mails both Staff and Management. Replies from Staff to SMS messages go directly into the employees’ HR notes and Management also receive a copy. This helps eliminate paperwork, verbal confrontation and also keeps your NERA records and Fire List up to date. The best bit is, sending texts is free!


Elephant Smart Business

NERA Reporting & Compliance

Employers are required by law under the EU working time directive to record Start, Finish, Break Timings and Annual Leave of Employees. Elephant Smart Business automatically does all this for the employer. We even print out the NERA OWT1 Form if you ever receive a NERA Inspection. We also show managers what the minimum break entitlements are to help you avoid NERA Imposed Fines and Tribunals. Our Compliance Review shows what issues could be flagged by NERA such as Employees not recording their Start/Finish Times and also who is not taking breaks.

Payroll Calculations

Elephant Smart Business

Sick pay, Public Holiday Entitlements & Payments, Time-In-Lieu, Night Hours, Overtime… Payroll is a nightmare at the best of times. Elephant Smart Business does all these calculations for you in about half a second. It’s then ready to be exported to your Payroll Package. Simple

How does it work? 

Elephant Smart BusinessManagers input schedules and staff use a fingerprint, touch screen terminal to record that they are On Duty, going on a Break or going on a Smoke Break. That’s it. We take care of the rest through our automated software. Management can log in from their browser anywhere in the world to check records. The beauty of Elephant Smart Business is that it doesn’t need constant management. It lets managers know when there are issues that need addressing.

From a technical perspective, Elephant Smart Business does not require any software installation. We send you the Touchscreen Terminal which connects to your broadband. That’s it.
(P.s. We can also record Visitors & Contractors too!)

How much does it save & cost?

Elephant Smart Business

Typical savings are €980 per full time staff member, per year. Find out exactly how much you could save by visiting our Calculate Savings page.There is no big upfront fee.  All the Software, Support, Updates/Maintenance and the Terminal (Fingerprint / Touchscreen) is €45 +Vat per week. That’s €6.42 a day! It pays for itself with 3 or more members of staff.

Training and installation is free for the first 5 OSD customers (usually 4 hours @€360) who purchase Elephant Smart Business.

Elephant Smart Business

Who are Elephant Smart Business?

Elephant Smart Business are 100% Irish owned and based in County Longford. We’ve been in business for 16 years and know a thing or two about the headaches involved in legislation compliance, saving time and boosting profits. You are more than welcome to drop in to our office in Templemichael Technology Park.

Contact Elephant Smart Business:
You can contact us for more information or to arrange a demo. We are not like other companies and try to pressure you into a purchase once we have your details. We are here to help.

Check out Elephant Smart Business at www.elephantsmartbusiness.com
Email: sales@elephantsmartbusiness.com
Phone: 01 685 4355