May the Fourth be with you


May the 4th is Star Wars day 2017, a day to celebrate the pop cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars – now in its 40th year and with its 9th film coming out later this year. Star Wars fans from all around the world choose to celebrate this day every year as May the 4th has become a variation of the well-known line “May the force be with you”.

We at OSD have many fond memories of Star Wars from over the years, from the 70’s right through to today with Richard and Victor going to see the new film released every year around Christmas time at the first midnight showing and rising early the next morning. Some of our memories are below:

Catriona – First movie I saw was Return of the Jedi in the cinema in Boyle. Remember being amazed by the special effects and characters wanting to watch the others straight after!


Graham – Best Christmas movie ever and some good memories. It was a struggle to convince my granny not to change channel to the snooker!

I loved the AT-ATs, thought they were the coolest thing ever – and R2D2 of course. Princess Leia was just beautiful (I also had a crush on Wonder Woman at age 7).


Marie – Watching it on TV at Christmas… and depending on whoever was closest, had to turn up the volume or change the channel!!


Nigel – My first memory of Star Wars was actually hearing snippets of audio on the radio. This may have been in the late 70’s.I also remember seeing the films on every Christmas mostly A New Hope and Return of the Jedi. I think I saw Return of the Jedi in the cinema and had a Hans Solo figurine from that time.


Richard – having tons and tons of Star Wars toys, gadgets, books and lego as a kid and even buying some Star Wars household items to this day (Wookie Cookie jar, Millennium Falcon chopping board, R2D2 desktop vacuum!). Remember lining up in the packed cinema to see A Phantom Menace with my Dad and Uncle and being blown away by the pod-racing and Darth Maul.


Victor – Main thing I remember is my brother being mad about Star Wars! For myself, Empire was favourite of the lot – loved the AT-ATs. Didn’t think much of the Prequel trilogy compared to all other greats!


May the fourth be with you,


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