LinkedIn, the popular business and Social Business Networking , has officially launched its new iPad app . The app is available for download in Apple’s App Store, and set to be launched on Android and Windows 8 tablets in the near future.

The New LinkedIn app has been specifically designed for the iPad to take advantage of multi-touch and the new iPad’s Retina display technology. It looks nothing like the LinkedIn website and has a lot more content and features than iPhone and Android apps, but it is clear that the long wait for an iPad version has been worth it. Ipad App Users can view profiles and messages just as in other versions of the app, but where the iPad app really differentiates itself is in the “updates” section day’splanning and news.



The “updates” page

The “updates” page in the app uses the iPad display to its optimum . The entire “updates” page is filled with all of the information needed to get caught up on the

LinkedIn is trying to promote the app for use while eating breakfast or wrapping up the work day for all you finger friendly users.

Unlike the single stream viewable on the iPhone app, the iPad app “update” section splits the information’s into sub-sections, including who has viewed your profile, who is being hired, and the links and info your co-workers are sharing. The page also features a large header section featuring business and networking articles curated by LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn iPad app

LinkedIn was also able to fit the calendar onto the “updates” page, where is shows appointments and reminders. And all this info on the iPad and iPhone apps now take information from your Google or Exchange Calendar and display contact information for people listed in meetings or appointments..

If you don’t have your iPad handy you can still preview the interface using the Safari browser. It’s not the same as swiping around with your fingers, but it shows off the app interface well.


The LinkedIn iPhone applinkedin app iphone

Mobile page views of LinkedIn are growing rapidly, making mobile the fastest-growing service the company offers. The company has even released a feature phone app in addition to its smartphone and tablet offerings.

LinkedIn took the right features and layout from the new iPad version and applied them to the iPhone as well. Now, some of these features appeared in a recent update to the iPhone and Android app.