Posting blogs or content on your social media channels can be easy for a business. However, all of this content needs a strong structure to be effective. The key to your online presence success is a Digital Marketing Plan.


Set your goals

First of all, your Digital Marketing Campaign will need goals. S.M.A.R.T goals. What do you want to achieve with this campaign? Increase sales? Improve your reputation? Create traffic? Your goals have to be measurable and attainable, which will allow you to analyse your results at the end of your campaign.

Example : I want to launch a visual Marketing campaign on my Facebook account to increase traffic on my website by 10% by the end of the month.

You will also have to take into account that goals may not be the same from one social media channel to another. Each platform is different so be careful of the characteristics and limitations of each.


Source : The Coaching Institute

Define your target

The next step is to define the audience you want to speak to. Once again, this needs much consideration. A good practice is to build consumer personas. A consumer persona is like a portrait of your potential customers. In fact, you will create a number of personas (3 to 5 for example) that will suit your target. This means you will have to define their job, their demographics criteria (Age, gender, location…), their interests, goals, life challenges and their values.

The benefit of creating these personas is that you will have an overview of your different segments. This will allow you write clear messages for each audience, giving you a more targeted digital marketing campaign.



Set your message and choose your digital platforms

Once your different segments are set, you will be able to create a message for each of them. Since your messages are written with a specific audience in mind there is a higher chance it will convert into a sale or an action. You can provide a different message depending on the social media channel you choose. For example, Linkedin may be more appropriate than Facebook for a given segment. Your content may differ from one social media channel to another, that’s why it’s important to choose them properly.

Determine your budget

A digital marketing campaign can be expensive, that’s why you have to determine your budget before launching it. Of course you can decide to launch a simple content marketing campaign. However, you can also benefit from the paid features of social media channels such as Facebook Ads. This will help you improve your visibility by targeting your adverts precisely.

facebook-ad-OSDAnalyse and learn from your campaign

At the end of  your campaign, gather information and see if you have reached your goals. If not, try to understand why. This last step is important to anticipate your next campaign launch.

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