Did you know that Google Maps are now charging for using their maps?

Following up on our previous post on Google Map Charge OSD have since updated a number of clients websites for the new service.

On a number of websites, there has been a varied level of activity using Google Maps system, some under the allocated credit of $200 per month, some over.

Credit of $200 – how far will this go?

Quite a lot of users can continue to use Google maps for free, under the $200 monthly credit – which should cater for a lot of sites. This credit is currently renewed monthly on the account with a credit card attached under it.

While this credit level may change in the future, we have included some information below, to get an idea of some estimate usage figures.

Styled maps
These would give ~ 100,000 loads for the $200 credit allocation.

Dynamic maps
If using Streetview then this may give ~ 28,000 loads for the $200 credit allocation.

Routes & Directions
If the usage on your website provides ability for customers to work out routes to your business location, then this may give you ~ 40,000 loads for the $200 credit allocation.

Using locations of places nearby, where your location and map may include local shops, etc., then this may give you ~ 11,500 loads for the $200 credit allocation.

How can I find out more?

To find out what your usage is, you can login to your Google Cloud Platform using your Google Account login details.

Click here to read their FAQs

Click here to view their Pricing Plans

Click here to view their Pricing Calculator

With these changes taking place, you may find that the map on your website may not function as it previous did and it may need to be updated to a new version of Google Maps in line with above. If this happens, OSD can assist you with changes, please contact info@osd.ie for further information specific to your website.