Google Analytics can email your reports to you on a predetermined schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly). However, there is a limit of 12 scheduled emails.


Follow the steps below to begin scheduling emails:

Navigate to the report you’d like to receive by email.
Click the Email button below the report title.
Select the Schedule tab.
If you’re sending this report to others, enter their email addresses in the Send to others field. If you’re sending it to yourself, select Send to me to have it sent to your login email address.
Edit the Subject and/or Description if desired.

Select a Format in which to receive this report:

  • PDF – portable document format. You’ll need the free AdobeReader software in order to view this file.
  • XML – extensible markup language
  • Excel – comma separated values. This file can be opened by most spreadsheet applications or text editors.
  • TSV – tab separated values. This format can be read in most spreadsheet applications or text editors.

If you’d like to compare the currently selected date range with either the Previous date range or with your Sitewide average, make your selection from the Comparison drop-down list.

Choose how often you’d like to receive reports from the Schedule list.

Click Schedule.

Google_Analytics_osd dashboard

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