Flipboard is becoming one of the most popular apps on iphone and iPad platforms and was name Apple’s iPad App of the year and one of TIME’s Top 50 Innovations. Until December 2011 Flipboard was primarily used only by iPad users however with the launch of the application for the iPhone it has seen its popularity sky rocket.
Flipboard how does it work?

Basically the Flipboard App is your own personalized magazine which brings everything being shared with you and everything that matters to you. With a very user friendly interface which you can flip through all your photos and watch videos, read articles or browse photo albums at your leisure.

Flipboard App can then connect it to your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. You can also connect it to publications to receive articles. Once you have all this working everything will be presented to you in the shape and form of an article with beautiful rendering. You can then just flip through your article pages and check out everything that matters to you.
Flipboard i phone
Flipboard also has it’s own collection of interesting stuff from the web. You can also connect to this to view the latest happenings on the web. For example you can flip through Fliptech a collection of Tech articles from Flipboard. Everything gets collected and converted into magazine format which is then presented to you.

So use the App to keep you up to date with news and all your Social Networks, Feeds and other sources of interest. Once you login all your content is presented in a visual list. Which allows you to view it in fun and informative magazine.

And with news of launch of Flipboard App on Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone the Galaxy S III imminent, android users will soon be enjoying Flipboard’s popular app that turns all your social-network feeds into a digital magazine.