So how is Timeline going to affect your Facebook Business Page?

Since the 31st of March Facebook Timeline will be mandatory for all Facebook users. With numerous different views held by Business and Personal users, while some disliked the visually creative platform others are embracing the new interactive features. With a lot of the big Brands and Businesses using the new platforms creative and visual side to show their product and services in much more illustrative manner. A lot businesses are making the new Timeline profile a center piece to their marketing plans.

Facebook Timeline allows Business to adapt to the fact that marketing is becoming increasingly visual and also provides businesses with multiple ways to attract their audience through these types of Media like photos, videos and various others. Timeline is a perfect way to market your business for free. If you haven’t already utilised Facebook’s potential as marketing tool, now is the time to.

What are the new Main Features?

osd cover image


The Timeline cover picture is where you can really make an impression on visitors to your page. Use a unique image that represents your Page and business. You can change the cover as many times as you wish, for events, different seasons, using different themes, etc. OSD can help you develop a cover image that is illustrative and informative. Contact us today or scroll down check out this months great offer.

Pinning posts

Pinned are posts that can illustrated on the top of users profile via admin panel. A pinned post always appears in the top left of a Page’s timeline and has a flag in its top-right corner. A pinned post will remain there for 7 days. After that, it’ll return to the date it was posted on the Page’s timeline.

Highlight posts

Highlight important stories or posts by clicking on the star icon in the top right corner of your post. This will expend your post over the two columns making it more visible for your visitors.


You can use 160 characters (including spaces) in your “about” section. It’s also a good idea to add a link to your website in this section. You can change your profile the description by clicking on the about box.

If your Facebook Page is categorized as a Place Page or Local Business, the “About” content for your Timeline will show an address, phone number, and hours. If you want to change the category of your page:

Custom Pages and Apps

You are no longer able to set a default landing Page. This was used by many businesses to direct people to a custom page such as a Welcome or promotion page. With the new Timeline, visitors land directly on your Page wall. This will definitely make people upset as many businesses had invested in this feature.

admin panel osd

Admin Panel

You can access the admin panel at the top of your Page. It offers a quick snapshot of your notifications, and also gives you access to your Insights, New Likes and Messages. You can also manage and edit your page from there. You can choose to hide and expand the admin panel from view.


With a lot more specific features available to businesses that can extend your reach to customers, hopefully the info has giving you a taste for Timeline and its huge potential as a marketing tool.  One thing which is indisputable the way content is shared and viewed within a Timeline page is incredibly important. Companies that consistently create engaging updates and share important content will stay at the forefront of users’ attention. Brands who design and rotate new apps for engagement, pin relevant and timely posts, and update the feed with user-friendly information will sit prominent position in the field of Facebook Timeline and Facebook marketing area.

Want to optimize your Facebook Timeline Cover Image?

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