Know your Target Customer

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DoneDeal is great example of Irish based eCommerce site that was quick to recognise peoples desire to sell second hand products. DoneDeal realised a need for  this style of platform in the Irish market. The rest is history.

Strong Business Planning

Analyse and know your budget and revenue source, breakdown duration and make key dates or times based on these targets to expand products or services. Ecommerce sites if not managed correctly can change at phenomenal speed make sure you have funds available in your budget t o deal with this.

Create an Appealing Web Store with Difference

Branding is very important for any business, but is extremely important in the online domain. Increase your brand recall by creating an Ecommerce store that is in sync with your target customers likes.  Create a site with attractive yet functional use of colour for your brand or sector. Be different but not vague.

Make your Best Seller most Visible

Use unique selling proposition to attract customers. Create an Ecommerce site that portrays to the customer what your company specialises in, even if the customer does not intend to purchase this product or service now, this information with be lodged in the customer perception of your company. Make your best products or services most visible in the beginning, to allow for growth of other products.

Build a Strong relationship with Customer

Develop an eNewsletter system or informative system that can inform past customers about offers and new products or latest updates to the store. Use innovative communication methods to involve your customer.

Social Media , QR Campaigns etc


Market your Web Site aswell as your Products

Optimise your web marketing by using (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation and relevant Adword campaigns. Most purchasers visit websites within the first four pages of web search results. OSD can provide training on SEO and develop Online marketing campaigns to suit your business.

Analyse your back end operations including Credit card payments, Stock management, Reporting systems, etc.

Monitoring these systems will help you analyse the success rate of the purchase process and to pin point any problems. Make sure you have a good back up system to your site all OSD eCommerce sites are provided with managed hosting on Cloud Servers which are constantly monitored by the OSD development team.

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Review Review your site on a regular basis as Web Technology and products are constantly changing. Try to perform an unbiased assessment of your site after 6 months of go live.
OSD will provide this free of charge to all our Ecommerce Customers. This will help to maximise growth and performance of your online store.Add Customer incentives, provide price discounts, special offers, give customers free information or tips from your company.

This month, OSD are providing free 1 hour consultation for all customers, existing and new to review your Ecommerce Solution. Contact us to book.