How do visitors find your website?

The ability to discover how users find your website is one of the standout features of Google Analytics.  This free tool has as much functionality as you would get with a paid tool. Besides your own keywords that you are optimising, you can also find out what users have typed into a search engine to find your website.

Key benefits

Find out which pages are visited the most and confirm if your AdWords campaign is funneling traffic to the right pages. Visitor segmentation gives you information about how many new visitors your SEO campaign brings in, and it’s possible to segment this analytical result by new and returning visitors, referral sources and location.

Make improvements to your website. When you run the analytics report you can see what pages are not converting, and you can change the copy of those under-performing pages. But apart from the website insights described above, Google Analytics is really important to the commercial success of a business.

On the left-hand side of the Google Analytics dashboard you will see:

  • Audience – as you might expect this is details on who is visiting your website
  • Acquisition – has details on how that audience arrives on your site
  • Behaviour – what they do when they get there
  • Conversions – have they completed what you wanted?

  Google Analytics Dashboard


Make improvements based on the reports

If you understand what is working and what is not on your marketing campaign, you will be able to make changes accordingly. OSD have helped our clients improve their AdWords campaigns by examining the Conversions from their Google Analytics report. Catriona Walsh & Graham Glynn showed me the benefits of Google Analytics when I first joined OSD. Being armed with this knowledge really helps in understanding visitor interactions to a website.

Bounced pages are pages that are visited once and the user then leaves the site. Google Analytics shows you your bounce rate, so you can then take steps to improve the website usability and thus entice users to explore your website further.

Behaviour report tells you which pages visitors engage with the most, and you can then invest further time into pages which are not showing engagement. You might have an idea of your target audience, Google Analytics helps you determine if you are right. Through the Audience report, you can find out their gender, age and interests.

If the unknown has been bothering you for some time, OSD Digital Agency can help you with insight into how your website is performing. Google Analytics is one of the best things you can use to improve your business. Contact OSD to find out more…