How to Convert your Facebook Personal to Business Page facebook osd

Moving your content

When you set out to move toward a professional profile, you will still want to take your profile content along with you. While it might change to fit the needs of its new context, the basic principle will remain the same. So your first step is to download all content you currently have there. This option can be found under Account Settings. This will include photos, “likes,” written bios, wall posts and all prior Wall activity.

Just Click here to download your information

facebook-business page download

Now to start the migration process of moving your page

Once you’ve backed up your information, go to Facebook’s tool for profile migration — Profile to Business Page Migration

From there, you will be prompted to follow the steps required when setting up a Facebook business page.

The first step is to select the type of page you are. You will be walked through all the steps from here:


facebook-business page migration

Customize your  Business page

Once your business page has been set up, you can start to configure the page itself, as well as the information you place on it. The first thing you want to do is create a custom username, which can be done by selecting Edit Page > Basic Information > Create a Username. Keep in mind that this name is permanent, so it should be easy to remember and relevant to your business.

Now you have all setup, lets use the Benefits of the Facebook Business Page

Use and monitor your business Facebook page analytics to help you manage your posts and optimize the day and times to are updated.

Use add Administrators to help manage page and its frequent updates.

Utilize the Business applications .e.g. Competitions suited to your business, here @ OSD we can develop a application to target your customer market.

Facebook ads or sponsored stories could be considered and get target your businesses market.

Publish on print media and inform clients of your new page so they can stay up to date with special offers, news and events etc.

For Further information on how to optimize your Business Facebook Page or if you have any queries or question migrating your Personal page to Business page, please contact us on 071 9170024 or Contact us