Content writing is important for your digital presence, it sets you apart as the expert in your field. In this post, we want to share how to produce fresh and up-to-date content for your website and social media channels.

Content TipsFirst, the main thing is about content planning. Creating a content plan will help you manage your posts over the long-term. This can be done simply with an online spreadsheet where you can put links to share about interesting content, add your comments or opinions about the articles and insert publication dates for the future.


Content TipsBefore writing, you’ll have to think about who will read your content. Your content needs to catch your audience’s attention. This means you can write about your industry and what is related to it. For example, if you own a bike hire business, don’t only write about bikes. Write about your city, tourism in Ireland or new tourism trends for example. You have plenty of options when choosing your content topic!


Content Tips

Social Media is a good way to spread a positive image about your brand. It is a place where you can join conversations and talk about your values. If you are involved in giving your time or resources to local voluntary or charity groups then it’s appropriate to promote this commitment on your social media channels and blog post because it helps raise awareness and also reflects positively on your brand.


Content TipsContent is not only about self-promotion, especially on social media channels where blatant self-promotion is seen as inappropriate and the wrong approach to take. However creating good content requires time, which is always a challenge. So you can find posts from other websites that are really interesting, collate the best articles in your online spreadsheet and schedule them for publication on your blog or social channels. Interesting content from other sources adds diversity in your news feed and provides great content for your audience.


Content planning is one of the services we can help you with as part of a digital marketing strategy. Contact us at OSD Digital Agency if you would like to know more!